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Updated Artistic Styles, Eras, Detailed, Movies & Shows, Time of Day, and Scifi Artist example images
Updated Architect Artist, PhotoReal Artist, Pattern, Classical Painters, Portrait, Engine, Computer Styles, Views & Lenses example images
Updated Anime Studios, Console Game, Cybernetic, Environmental Nature, Materials, Mechanical, Psychadelic Theme, Realistic, Sci-Fi Theme, Stone & Gem, and Wave Theme example images
Updated Drawing Medium sample/example images on style picker.
Updated Lighting category sample/example images on style picker.
Updated All Artists category sample/example images on style picker. Prompt will now inject "Artwork by `_artist here_`" instead of just the artist name.
Added 1,000+ ChatGPT Premade prompts now included in PRO

Get 1,000+ customizeable ChatGPT Premade prompts

Premade Prompt Categories
1. Instagram Prompts (11 prompts)
2. Teaching prompts in a random order (24 prompts)
3. Facebook Prompts (20 prompts)
4. Twitter Prompts (22 prompts)
5. Pinterest Prompts (20 prompts)
6. LinkedIn Prompts (27 prompts)
7. Google Business Prompts (13 prompts)
8. TikTok Prompts (9 prompts)
9. Youtube Prompts (11 prompts)
10. Ad Prompts (15 prompts)
11. Rewrite (19 prompts)
12. Edit (18 prompts)
13. Explain & Expand (32 prompts)
14. Summarize (16 prompts)
15. Promotional Prompts (49 prompts)
16. Company-Related Prompts (19 prompts)
17. CTA Prompts (6 prompts)
18. Fun Prompts (17 prompts)
19. Interactive Prompts (25 prompts)
20. Inspirational Prompts (30 prompts)
21. Holiday Prompts (30 prompts)
22. Prompts for Small Businesses (32 prompts)
23. Prompts for Business Coaches (55 prompts)
24. Prompts for Lifestyle Coaches (61 prompts)
25. Prompts for Realtors (50 prompts)
26. Prompts for NGOs (29 prompts)
27. Prompts for Entrepreneurs (26 prompts)
28. Prompts for Marketing Agencies (36 prompts)
29. Prompts for Authors (36 prompts)
30. Prompts for Accountants (61 prompts)
31. Prompts for Restaurants (33 prompts)
32. Prompts for Fitness Trainers (57 prompts)
33. Prompts for Photographers (45 prompts)
34. ChatGPT Help and How-to (110 prompts)

Added ChatGPT prompt builder to PRO

Unlock ChatGPT prompt builder
Added "Generate" capability inside the application. Just paste in your API key from DALL-E or from Dream Studio and you can:
  • Generate
  • Batch Generate
  • Download
  • Auto-Download
  • 2022-09-28
    Updated the SD portion of the parameter guide to include text prompt weights.
    Fixed broken links on the parameter guide.
    Added some styles and artists
    Updated parameter guide for implementing text/words into your image for MidJourney generation.
    Added Stable Diffusion Discord bot command syntax to the Parameter Guide
    Added Artists to the Random menu. Artist picker coming soon!
    Updated the parameter guide.
    Released the Builder V2! This is a major improvement in terms of being able to choose a random subject, random action, and then random styles. Or just roll the dice and random everything! Additionally you can also choose a subject and an action from our pre-built list if you don't want to type in your own.
    Added Drag n Drop to rearrange the added styles.
    Added more Subjects to the builder.
    Added more Psychedelic and Wave styles.
    Removed some of the Core styles.
    Added Stable Diffision generator via their API into aitextpromptgenerator! This is a major feature that will allow you to build your prompt and generate your render from Stable all in one place. This is in test phase currently and will go live soon!
    Added Random Subject feature on the Builder! Great for generating a starter subject for your prompt.
    Added subjects (Characters, Dota 2 Characters, Animals, Inanimate objects sub-categories) for starter subjects.
    Updated top buttons on the Builder.
    Updated the Parameter Guide.
    Updated the Midjourney Parameter Guide Show me
    2022-09-01 Changes and guides
    Added the changelog you're looking at! This will help keep everyone up to date on what's changed and what fixes have been implemented. Have feedback for us? Join our Discord and drop a comment in the #ideas-and-feedback channel AI Text Prompt Generator Discord
    or email us at [email protected]
    Email us
    Added the Parameter Guide to help you navigate the extra settings and parameters of the rendering engines.
    2022-08-31 More and more options
    Added more options (lighting, realistic, views etc)
    Added "Make Me One" to make a quick prompt
    Removed some options that were "stepping" on each other. The result is cleaner prompts
    Added individual option removal by clicking the "x" on the option
    Updated Randomize function to be "smarter" at which items to randomize and how many of that category to use at a time
    Added Instagram comment post field for easy IG post captions for your generated image
    2022-08-30 More options
    Added more options (lighting, realistic, etc)
    Added Randomize and Reset functionality
    Added Save to History button (local storage only)
    2022-08-28 Deployed!
    Deployed base set of features